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Empower youth with positive and meaningful lifelong skills to develop them as global entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders.

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Redefining possibilities!

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I pledge

My head to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty,

My hands to larger service,

My health to better living,

for my club, my community, my country and my world.

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4H Pakistan has established itself as a movement that substantiates student learning  through service learning projects, which aim to involve  youth to acknowledge community needs,address matter with constructive solutions and eventually create an implementation plan that creates an autonomous community.


Areas of Focus:

~ Promoting schools as social enterprise

~ Mentoring  youth to facilitate the acquisition of skills 

~To revive the essence of humanity.

~ inculcate leadership skills. 


4H Pakistan is having two major projects:


1.Trading In Hope:


Abandonment and loneliness are emotions rife,  in predominantly two most sensitive yet neglected groups of society; one found in orphanages and others located in old-age homes.Most stories of senior citizens reflect misery while children growing in orphanage are victims  of isolation , starvation and abuse. 

The commonality found in both situations is the lack of love,support and sense of identity.

"Trading in Hope" envisioned to establish linkage by connecting  senior citizens from old-age homes with orphans so as to encourage the orphan's development and bring an element of positivity in the lives of senior citizens.


Successfully with the cooperation of two organizations' Bint e Fatima (an old-age home)

Basera ( an orphan age ) , a linkage was developed. Initially group of 4H'rs made several visits and developed an acquaintance with two groups followed by introductory  meeting sessions, where selected orphans were taken to an old-age home and through certain activities , a connection was developed. this project is now self sustainable as children visit old age home on weekends.

we intend to extend this linkage by involving more organizations.


2.  1+1=11


The notion of empowerment is fundamentally rooted in equipping an individual with adequate skills that shall ensure enough expertise to feed oneself. Pakistan, a developing country, struggles to provide job opportunities to an ever increasing population.

"1+1=11" aims to acknowledge the plight of orphaned teenagers who are removed from  orphan-ages at the young age of 16, by creating an implementation plan of offering training at different vocational institutes and later on upon qualifying assisting them in getting better jobs in market.