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4-H Program mission statement:
Self introduction:

Nurture our members to become outstanding citizens in terms of life-long learners, fulfilled human beings, and advocates of the environment protection and the agriculture industry.

Guide our members to

  1. Develop the skills of creative thinking and leadership
  2. Develop a sense of responsibility and contribution
  3. Develop the spirits of a great team player
  4. Develop a deeper sense of autonomy on self-management and decision-making
  5. Cultivate in-depth knowledge, proper attitudes, and professional skills
  6. Explore a more suitable career path
  7. Grow a sustainable life philosophy toward joy and fulfillment


4-H Motto:


To Make the Best Better 


Learning by Doing

4-H Pledge:


  • 健全的頭腦,以運用思想

  • 健全的心胸,以發展品性

  • 健全的雙手,以改善生活

  • 健全的身體,以服務社會


I pledge my head to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty,

My hands to larger service,

and my health to better living,

for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

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Top Member Projects:


One of the most important things is to involve ourselves in as many different activities of 4-H Club as possible. By participat­ing in a variety of activities, members can learn the relationship between people, between mankind and nature, and between human beings and the world. Besides, members can also learn the way one treats others and the way they cultivate the practial cpacity of democracy obedience.

Programs category

  • Project Meeting
  • 4-H Annual Meeting
  • Camp Activities
  • Judging Contest
  • Public Service
  • Learning by Observation
  • Learning by Demonstration
  • Project Exhibition
  • Group activity
  • Training Camp


(Funded by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.)

Training Programs for Leading and Promoting 4-H Club: 

In order to promote 4-H club, we need aid from more adults and excellent members.  Through Leadership Camp and Volunteer Instructor Camp, our association assists attendants by building ways to think and act like extraordinary leaders.  This will also lead attendants to continuously support 4-H club in their hometown once they finish training.  Therefore, Taiwan’s 4-H clubs will be able to thrive even more, and we will be able to offer better training for the future youth.  This training program is also funded by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.



4-H Youth Leadership Camp

We have been hosting Leadership Camp once a year since 1988.   Those who attend Leadership Camp are excellent 4-H members from farmers’ and fishermen’s associations around Taiwan.  Through Leadership Camps, attendants will have a deeper understanding of the philosophy and true values of 4-H club, and they will also learn to cultivate the ability to work with other people.  We greatly value the idea of passing it on, so attendants from previous Leadership Camps will volunteer to help out and lead new attendants as camp staff.  In doing so, we establish a great foundation for 4-H networking in Taiwan and also within 4-H members.

4-H Volunteer Camp

Volunteer instructors are one of the most important forces in promoting 4-H education.  The caring and guidance from adults play a really essential role in the journey of youth’s growth.


By participating in camps, attendants will undertake intensive training.  Afterwards, those attendants will continuously serve in different camps as interns so their leadership skills can also be built.  By following “Learning by doing” the belief of our association, not only do members equip competence, but they also cultivate healthy and positive attitudes toward working with people.  On top of that, they will furnish the character and ability required when entering workplace.

Core Staff Training

We have recruited 4-H club members in Taiwan as volunteers through our website and Facebook page for this training program over the years.  First, the recruited volunteers have to complete a 40-hrs physical training class.  Then they will receive their Chinese and English course certificates, once they register 160 hours of internship. (100 hours from activities held by 4-H Club Association, and 60 hours from local activities)

4-H Collegiate Camp 

4-H Collegiate Camp is not only for 4-H members, but also for all college students.  After this training program, attendants will be more actively involved in local 4-H club activities, or even create a 4-H club in their college.  This training program has great effects on promoting local educational activities. Furthermore, it cultivates younger generation for the locals.

Paddy Staff Training

Our association runs College Camp and Volunteer Instructor Camp based on our Paddy Ecological Conservation Plan which is funded by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.  After the training, the attendants will help leading children camp, promoting paddy environmental education, and practicing camp-leading skills.