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*In Nicaragua, Fabretto Children's Foundation integrates 4-H (4-S for its initials in Spanish) clubs into its rural secondary education program, "Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial" or SAT. The mission of SAT and 4-H Nicaragua is to use a learning-by-doing methodology to empower youth to pursue personal development, build technical skills, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. Currently, Fabretto's SAT program reaches over 1,000 youth in Nicaragua.

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Con la ayuda de Dios y en nombre de mi Club,

de mi pueblo y de mi Patria, prometo:

cuidar mi salud para ser feliz,

emplear mi saber en el bien de los demás,

conservar en mi corazón los sentimientos más nobles

y estar siempre al servicio de mis semejantes

Mi salud, mi saber, mis sentimientos y mi servicio,

pour Dios, mi Familia, mi Club, mi Pueblo, mi Patria y mi mundo.

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Fabretto has 450 members in 30 4-H groups in 11 municipalities in 4 different departments (provinces) working on projects in agriculture, small business management, sports, arts, and culture. Some of their club projects have been fruit orchards, rabbit and hen farming, pine-tree and coffee farming, medicinal and ornamental plants, dance, baseball and choir.


Nicaraguan youth have had the opportunity to participate in activities with various visitors from Canada (through 4-H Canada’s Going Global Exchange Program) and the United States (through USAID’s Farmer-to-Farmer Program). Fabretto coordinated numerous events (such as multiday camps and half-day workshops) for Nicaraguan youth to learn and grow together. Incorporating teambuilding activities and 4-H exercises boosted skills, relationships, health and morale among Nicaraguan youth. The purpose was always the same: to learn new skills, build confidence, and forge friendships. In 2016, over 500 Nicaraguan youth participated in the activities.


In 2015 and 2016, the US Department of State’s SportsUnited division awarded Fabretto coupled with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and US National 4-H Council a grant to deliver positive youth development workshops in Nicaragua and in the US. A small group of Nicaraguan 4-H members were selected to participate in a 10-day exchange event in the US each year, which included Cal Ripken’s baseball camp, multiple leadership workshops, and an agriculture-focused visit with Texas Tech University (a dairy farm, a meat processing plant, Bayer Crop Science). In addition, visits to the National Zoo, the Nicaraguan Embassy, and a professional baseball game at Camden Yards.


Fabretto will participate in the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit in Ottawa, Canada. It will be a wonderful opportunity for Fabretto to represent 4-H Nicaragua at an international event. Two Fabretto beneficiaries were selected to participate in the summit and the 4-H Canada – Going Global Exchange program this year.