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The Finnish 4-H Federation is a national, unified and constantly evolving civic organisation supporting children's life management skills and entrepreneurship. 4-H is Finland's leading organization producing activities for adolescents.

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Learning By Doing

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Haluan käyttää päätäni selkeään ajatteluun, käsiäni voimalliseen palvelukseen, sydäntäni avaraan ymmärrykseen, terveyttäni parempaan elämään, 4H-kerhoni, maani ja maailmani puolesta.

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In the 4H organisation, children and adolescents grow to become responsible and enterprising adults. The activities take into account the different stages of children’s development, focusing on learning by doing.

The 4H Club instils practical skills and knowledge with the help of professional instructors. Training and courses provided by 4H further build on these competencies. The activities help children become active citizens, entrepreneurs and employees.

Club activities are taken part by more than 144 000 young people annually. Clubs offer wide range of practical skills training in the field of arts and crafts, cooking and baking, animal care, forestry and nature, intercultural learning, just to mention a few.

Young people over 14 years old are encouraged to start up own income generating 4H enterprises. Approxiamtely 1000 youth have their own business annually.

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