Global 4-H Network

The Global 4–H Network connects 4-H organizations around the world with the goal of strengthening communities through positive youth development.

4-H around the World


As 4-H continues to grow, expanding the world’s largest and most respected positive youth development movement to more countries and more youth, we need more leaders like you, dedicated to sharing your skills and knowledge with youth.


The goal of the global 4-H movement is to reach 25 million members by 2025.


Established in 2014, the Global 4-H Network believes the power to build a more sustainable future lies with today’s youth. Every three years, the Global 4-H Network Summit brings members, leaders and professionals together to network and share best practices to strengthen the 4-H movement, which in turn, strengthens our communities, helps feed our growing world and nourish our growing minds.


The global 4-H community celebrates November 1st as Global 4-H Day.